helo all i have been really busy with my life so no new update lol anyway maybe starting from next month there will be lots of update. Also i will be joining ct3-fansubs for their new project for the anime shiki . So cheer up on me because im trying my best to help the malay fansubs and all of you readers here please also support ct3-fansubs we need you. If a malaysian didnt even support a malay fansubs than who would? Right? So if youre interested on helping ct3 you can by participate just contact the ct3 admin so. Thats all for now . Gonna be busy again bye!

well all after a long time with no updates here i go again this time is about my review on ct3-fansubs well they are the only malay fansubber for kamenrider in malay (well i think) as far as i know ct3 doing fansubs on a tokusatsu genre i'm also a follower for the ct3 fansubs so to all please support a malaysian fansubs dont let them dead because we are all 1 malaysia . come on all lets help the malaysian subber and currently they need a staff so if youre interested you can contact them. at :


well thats all for my update sorry for the short update im running out of time >.<>

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setelah lama menunggu akhirnya dapat gak aku mencapai internet nih so ni dia gambar terbaru pasal kamenrider berasaskan zodiak tu.

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setakat ni je update aku pasal kamenrider well more update to come dan tolong komen eh

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