Well come to think of it some of our fellow blogger use broadband right?? almost all of us (correct me if i'am wrong) and also we do blog walking right? so i understand about this blogwalking so let me tell you all one thing some of our fellow blogger use a song for their blog and they think its cool to use it but still they dont think anything about bandwith so when they got the sms from the ISP (internet service provider) that they have use over the limit /bandwith and some didnt satiffy because of the limit like 3Gb,5Gb or any other and some didnt even know about these limits and keep blaming the ISP about this anyway straight to the point i really hate this song thingy on the blog. From what i experience a blog with song and gadget takes longer time to load because its heavy and whats more its annoying!!!!! argh damn!!! hate the blog with the song and lots of gadget waste of Bandwith!! so i am not gonna visit the blog with song and lots of gadget ok? i dont wanna waste my MB/GB on your blog also if you think about it if one song is around 3mb~5mb if you visit 10 blog how much would it be? so if we takes 3mb per song then it would be 30mb wow thats a lot of MB!!! Whats more you cant keep the song !!so you think for your self whats the best . use wisely!!


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